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Clinical Therapy

We create individualized plans that support each student’s unique personal, emotional, and mental health needs.

Our Program's Testimonials

In this video, our parents and students describe their life-changing experiences here at Imperial House.

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Our Program

Imperial House’s integrated treatment program is designed to meet the multifaceted needs of students with co-occurring issues. The program design is centered around focusing on “whole-person healing” : supporting and cultivating the mind, body, and emotional wellness. 

Our program uses the Stages of Change model to emphasize authentic internalized change. This model is coupled with our trauma-informed care in order to foster self-empowerment in the healing process.

All areas of our program are passionate about working together to nurture, build and guide our students. Our extraordinary environment cultivates focused attention on truly seeing and caring for each of our students. Using a variety of modalities, our students are taught:

● Respect 
● Responsibility
● Safety 
● Being Helpful 

Our treatment team works to customize a therapeutic approach with each student; teaching and developing their personal skills, and creating an education plan. Students are given opportunities for long-term, focused healing. Development tools are specifically chosen for each student to help them continue to be successful outside of treatment. 


We believe a successful healing plan must include elements that are supportive of age-appropriate recreational therapy activities. Our students participate in therapy, trauma-informed yoga, and wellness. We also use life-skill based activities such as cooking classes with our personal in-home chef, safe community involvement, and other activities of daily living. 

Painted rocks laying along a wallA student fills a box with sand in the therapy zen garden.

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