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Andrea Dahle
Academic Director

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Andrea Dahle has a strong passion for working with children and adolescents. Andrea is a kind, loving, and happy person that loves being with people. She believes that in order to be an effective educator it is essential to develop relationships with students. With a bachelor's in Special Education and a Masters's degree in Advanced Teaching Practices, she has developed a philosophy of education that is constantly evolving. A huge component of it can be summarized in a quote from Aristotle: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” She knew she wanted to make a difference in the world, and teaching would be the way for her to do it. She knows she cannot change every child’s life, but she will do all she can to influence them for the better and help them succeed. It is very important that they feel loved, accepted, and comfortable in the classroom. She strives to create a safe and comfortable learning environment in the classroom. With a background in Special Education, she tries to meet the students where they are at and help them see their potential. After several years in the public school system and a worldwide pandemic, she felt like it was time to focus on mental health and education. Imperial Healing Estate is a great fit with the ability to educate the whole child. Her goal is to provide hope and love to meet the individual needs of each student. When Andrea is not at work she is traveling, trying new things, and enjoying time with friends and family. Andrea is the best aunt to 17 nieces and nephews and number 6 out of 7 kids in a blended family. She spends the majority of her time advocating for those that can’t or don’t know how.